Snackology 101: Exotic History 

LZ Exotic Snacks is a black-owned exotic snacks company based in oceanside NY. From exclusive drops to foreign flavors across the world we have some of the BEST snacks in the world. LITERALLY. Not only are we black-owned, but we’re also family-owned and family-friendly.

Rooted right in the community on Long Beach Rd just walking distance from Oceanside School 8 our goal at LZ Exotic Snacks is to bring the world of flavor to your front door.

Officially launched in October 2021, LZ Exotic Snacks is meant to not only provide the tastiest snacks in Oceanside but serve as an inspiration to the youth in the community and encourage them to venture out into the world and try new things. 

As such, we hope to bring more than just exotic snacks; LZ Exotic Snacks wants to bring community-based events, care packages, and a safe space for all the children and adults in the area.