Bringing the Globe to Oceanside

We are incredibly excited to be genuinely a part of the Oceanside community and feel the city's warm embrace.

Since our launch back in October, we have sold out numerous items on multiple occasions. We could not be more grateful for the welcoming response of Oceanside.

Check out The Oceanside Herald's piece on our grand opening.

LZ Exotic Snacks in Oceanside brings flavors from around the globe to the South Shore, with snacks that cannot be found elsewhere. "We have exotic snacks from different parts of the world," store co-owner Zach Germain said. "The appeal is that they are different flavors that you've never seen in any American shop. We also have limited-edition snacks. We have brands that are popular in the South and a lot of stuff you can't get in this area." The store opened on Oct. 29, and business has been off to a fast start. "A lot of people showed up because it was Halloween weekend, and we had a lot of success," Germain said.

LZ Exotic Snacks is owned by Zach, 29, his sister, Tanisha Celestin, 32, and her husband, Chris Celestin, 34. Both Germain and Tanisha have medical backgrounds. "I genuinely loved the medical field," Celestin said, "but I realized it wasn't what I was passionate about. I love helping people, but I found out how I could help people in other ways." "

I'm very passionate about physical therapy," said Germain, a physical therapist. "However, there are other things I've wanted to do outside of that." He said they were initially considering opening their business in New York City or North Shore. "We originally started with pop-up shops, but we always knew that we wanted a storefront," he said.

"We were looking first at Jericho and Brooklyn. I don't think the other places we could have opened would have been as welcoming as Oceanside. Small businesses are champions in this area, and the other small business owners were telling people to come to check us out."

"Oceanside was great for a few reasons," Tanisha said. "The location is awesome, we're not too far from the beach, and we're hoping to attract people from there. There's a lot of small businesses in the area, which is really nice, and they have been really welcoming. And, personally, I like the overall feel of the neighborhood."

The store has started to garner more attention since its grand opening, "It's doing better than we thought it would be doing at the start because it's just three weeks in," Germain said. "We have middle-schoolers and high-schoolers coming in and young adults. It's amazing having them come in and say how their friends and neighbors told them about the store. Word of mouth has really helped."

The shop is at 2945 Long Beach Road and is open Mondays through Thursdays from noon to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 10 p.m.